• you do nude or semi-nude shoots and your clients value a closed, private space;
  • you do not require natural light but need lots of decors, backdrops and furniture
  • you would like access to thousands of props & accessories (clothing, shoes, hats, gloves, masks, etc.), and maybe studio equipment
  • you shoot adults, newborn or very, very well-behaved kids (lots of accessories = NOT childproof !).

For a few hours, for a day or a month, whatever your need. Rent it for a photo shoot or a video clip.  With or without photo and video equipment. 

Studio 402 offers a makeup room, many different decors, one 20×20 black background and a 15-feet-wide white cyclorama, 3 9′-wide seamless backdrops (gray, pink and blue), wifi and an ipod-music station, well as a computer and viewing space for photo selection with the clients.


1200 s.q. with 10′ ceiling
private door
no windows, no natural light
20’x20′ black backdrop
15’x20′ white backdrop
9′ seamless paper (gray, pink and blue)
variety of furniture/decors
wifi and ipod station for music
access to a variety of props and accessories
access to an elevator and dock for heavy equipment
** NOT soundproof or childproof
(we recommend using studio 403 for family shoot)


Victorian, vintage wallpaper

Red, velvet theatre curtains

White, false brick wall

Many chairs and stools



Monday to Thursday : 9am to 12pm, 12pm to 3pm or 3pm to 6pm
Friday : 9am to 12pm or 12pm to 3pm
Saturday : 9am to 12pm, 12pm to 3pm or 3pm to 6pm<
Sunday : on request

* You can also make a special request if you need to book outside these time slots, we always try to accomodate.



  • you need lots of open space
  • you need a childproof environment because you shoot turbulent kids who run everywhere
  • you only require basic color backdrops (red, black or white)
  • need natural light
  • shoot video where you need absolute silence (or a video clip with very loud music)
  • don’t need accessories, props, or furniture.

Studio equipment is usually not included, but can be available on request.  

Studio 403 offers a makeup station, 9′-seamless backdrops (white, black, and red) and wifi.


1500 s.q. with 10′ ceiling
private door
a full wall of windows, lots of natural light
10’x20′ black backdrop
9′ white, red and gray backdrop
elevator and dock for heavy equipment
perfect for loud music or big family shoots



Monday to Friday : Anytime from 9:30 to 5pm, evening on request 
Weekends : 9am to 12pm, 12pm to 3pm or 3pm to 6pm

* You can also make a special request if you need to book outside these time slots, we always try to accomodate. 


STUDIO 402 :

Space rental only

STUDIO 402 :

Space + equipment

STUDIO 403 :

Space rental


Not sure how to use our equipment ? Reserve a 20-minute intro class with one of our photographers to make sure you get awesome photos during your shoot (50$/class)


We ask that you put back the studio the way you found it before leaving. No time to do the cleanup ? No problem, we can do it for you for 60$.


We always try to help the next generation of photographers.
If you are a student in photography, you get 10% on all studio bookings during the week, with a valid student ID card.  Please mention it when booking.


If you book the studio often, ask for your loyalty card.  After 6 hours of rental, you get the 7th one free.  Available on regular hours only, for Studio 402 or 403.
Ask us for one on your next visit.


If you book the studio very often, ask us about our monthly special.  If you are serious about it, you can get a prepaid card with a bunch of hours at a reduced price.
Ask us about this long-term possibility on your next visit.



1.  You must reserve online, at least 48h in advance. A confirmation email will always be sent to you to confirm the booking, but we confirm each booking manually, so it may not be instantaneous.  Email us at if you did not receive a confirmation email after 24h.

2.  A 25$ deposit is required when booking, which will be deducted from the total the day of the shoot.

3.  We accept cash, VISA or Mastercard. No debit or personal cheques.

4.  You can occupy the studio according to the hours you book online. Do not forget to include preparation time before the shoot, as well as cleanup time, after.

5.  If you wish to stay longer, you may do so, if there is no other booking after you. Please check with us when you arrive. Remember that if you stay outside business hours, the rate will be higher.

6. We ask that you replace all the furniture and accessories the way you found them when you arrived. If you do not have time for cleanup, we can do it for you, for a 60$ fee.

7.  Rental hours are as listed in the schedule. If you want to book outside these hours, it may be possible, at a higher rate.

8.  Any cancellation must be made at least 24h in advance if you book during the week, or 48h for the weekend. If you cancel past this deadline, you will be charged 50% of the initial booking price.

9.  No smoking or alcohol allowed, but you are free to eat whatever you want.

10. If you break anything, you will be charged for the cost of it.

11.  Pets are welcome :)

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