1200 s.q. with 10′ ceiling
private door
window with some natural light
20’x20′ black backdrop
15’x20′ white backdrop
vintage wallpaper (black and white)
fake white brick wall
variety of furniture/decors
access to a makeup space 
access to an elevator 
2x 180W strobes with softbox and umbrella, flash trigger and reflector 



  • you do nude or semi-nude shoots and your clients value a closed, private space;
  • you would like to use a variety of decors, backdrops and furniture
  • you would like access to thousands of props & accessories (clothing, shoes, hats, gloves, masks, etc.), and maybe studio equipment
  • you shoot adults, newborn or very, very well-behaved kids (lots of accessories = NOT childproof !)
  • the studio is NOT soundproof either and noise must be kept to a MINIMUM during the week, as the loft is divided half studio, half offices



  • tons of shoes and clothes
  • wigs and hats, boas, gloves, jewels
  • corsets and lingerie
  • angel wings, masks
  • petals, feathers
  • vintage accessories and furniture (chairs, futon, etc.)


By the hour

Half a day

Rental of the studio for a block of 3h (space + equipment)
AM : 10am to 1pm or
PM: 1pm to 4pm
Monday to Friday

Full day

Rental of the studio for the day (10am to 4pm)
Space + equipment
Monday to Friday

Weekend – Hourly

Rental of the studio by the hour (9am to 6pm)
Space + equipment



Block of 10h of rental time to use during the month, anytime 24/7 (space only) *


Block of 25h of rental time to use during the month, anytime 24/7 (space only) *

* Please note that you must register for a minimum of 3 consecutive months to benefit from this special. Contact us by email to book this option.


Monday to Friday : 10am to 4pm
Saturday and Sunday :9am to 6pm

* Booking outside business hours possible; extra fees may apply.



  • All bookings are made online only (NOT by phone).  To do so, you must fill in the inquiry form below (don’t wait last minute, as we may not be able to confirm your booking). A confirmation email will always be sent to you to confirm the booking, give you detailed instructions, and request for payment.
  • All studio rentals are to be fully paid when booking, by email transfer or Paypal. You will note a 100$ security deposit on your order; if you respect your booking time and cleanup before leaving, you will get a full refund, otherwise the extra fees will be deducted from it.
  • Cancellation policy : if your booking is canceled or postponed with more than 24h notice, you will receive your full payment back.  You must advise us by email.  No refund will be offered if the cancellation is made less than 24h prior to your booking, as it is too late for us to re-book your time slot with someone else.
  • Rental time: You can occupy the studio according to the hours you book online. This includes prep time, shooting time, load-in and out, and cleanup, so plan accordingly. The door will NOT be open before your booking time.
  • Someone will be there to open you the door and give you some basic info if this is your first time with us.  Feel free to ask him/her any question you may have.
  • It is important that you replace all the furniture and accessories the way you found them when you arrived  and clean up after yourself.  As the floor is now painted white, please remove boots or shoes before entering the studio, and use the mop next to the sink to cleanup after yourself. If we have to cleanup after you, you will loose your security deposit. If the studio is not in a good state when you arrive, please notify the person who opens you the door.
  • You can use everything you have access to in the studio: furniture, baby accessories, clothes, shoes, furniture, etc., EXCEPT the makeup products in the makeup room, or things in boxes marked “private”.
  • The floor can scratch easily, so under no circumstances can you move the sofas and futon around on your own; you must be 2 people to carry them around or you leave them where they are; if you scratch the floor, a 150$ fee will be charged.
  • No smoking or alcohol allowed, but you are free to eat whatever you want.
  • Pets are welcome, as long as you keep them in the studio.
  • If you break anything, or if something is missing, you will be charged for the cost of it.
  • As the studio is next to offices, please try to be as discreet and quiet as possible when people are present during the week, keeping the music in the studio to a minimum. Do NOT wander in the office space except when entering and leaving the studio.
  • Rental hours are as listed in the schedule above. If you want to book outside these hours, it may be possible, at a higher rate.


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