Artistic, fashion, candid or romantic, whatever your style, your wedding photos will reflect who you are as well as the magic of this day.
With a mix of photo-journalism, glamour and artistic portraits,  we will immortalize this memorable day in a discreet and non obstructive  way which will allow you to enjoy every moment of it.

All our packages include 2 photographers, all the photos retouched in high resolution on a USB key as well as a private web gallery for your guests.

Since we are primarily based in Montreal, traveling fees will be added to these packages for international destinations. Please note that every package can be customized to better fit your needs and your budget. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss it in more details.


Basic Wedding Photo Package (1 800$ + tx)

This mini package is for those on a budget, who still want to capture the best moments of their wedding. It includes:

  • coverage of the cermeony + one hour of family/couple photos after (max. 3h)
  • coverage by 2 photographers
  • a private web galllery for your guests to view the photos
  • an unlimited number of photos taken
  • all the retouched photos on USB key, in high resolution, with licence to print

Classic Wedding Photo Package (3 200$ +tx)

The Classic Wedding photo package offers a longer coverage and a deluxe wedding album, and includes:

  • coverage of the preparation + ceremony + family photo session and couple (max. 6h)
  • coverage by 2 photographers
  • a private web gallery for your guests to view the photos
  • an unlimited number of photos taken
  • all the retouched photos on USB key, in high resolution with licence to print
  • a Designer album, 8×10

Deluxe Wedding Photo Package (5 500$ +tx)

The Deluxe Wedding Photography Package offers a complete coverage and includes:

  • coverage of the preparation + ceremony +family photo session and couple +  reception (max. 10h)
  • coverage by 2 photographers
  • a private web gallery for your guests to view the photos
  • an unlimited number of photos
  • all photos retouched on USB key in high resolution, with licence to print
  • a photo booth during the reception
  • a Designer album 9×12
  • an engagement session before the wedding

Mexico, Cancun, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Europe, Cuba, Hawaii, … Whatever the destination, we love to travel and it will be our pleasure to follow you in this unique adventure around the world to immortalize these precious moments.

Destination Wedding Photography Package (3 500$ + tx)

  • full wedding day coverage  (max. 10h) with 2 photographers
  • half-a-day of shoot before or after the wedding for a Trash-the-dress shoot (dress can be provided) or engagement shoot
  • all the retouched photos on a USB key, in high resolution with licence to print
  • a private web gallery for your guests to view the photos
  • a 8×10 Coffee-Table album

Travelling fees (plane / taxi / bus) as well as lodging fees for a minium of 4 nights must be added to this package.

Video services can also be added to the package, with two different options.


“Highlight” Video Package (800$ +tx)

  • ONLY available with a Photo package
  • filmed by one of the photographers, while shooting the wedding
  • edited version of the best moment of the day, lasting the time of one song
  • no extra fees for lodging/travelling

Cinematography Package (1 500$ +tx)

  • one cameraman totally dedicated to filming the day
  • full-day coverage (max 10h)
  • video montage of 30-45 minutes with music and voice-over
  • interviews of the guests during the reception
  • full non-edited version included

For your wedding video, we offer you two different options:

The Documentary video package, also known as photojournalistic, is not intrusive, and offers something similar for a  “behind-the-scene” video.  From the preparation to the reception, you’ll see the best moments of the whole day. Post-production effects are minimal, once camera is present through the day and music and voice-over are added to complete the final editing .

The Cinematography video package on the other hand is similar to a real movie shoot. A script will be prepared with you before the wedding, to create a real story of the day. The material used is also more extensive,  including  steadycams,  microphones, etc.  and 2 or 3 cameramen are usually present.


Video Package : Documentary Style (1800$ +tx)

  • compelte coverage with one cameraman (HD camera) (max 10h)
  • video montage of 30-45 minutes with music and voice-over of the vows or speeches
  • unedited version with the whole footage filmed
  • DVD version or HD Quicktime

Video Package : Cinematography Style (3 500$ +tx)

  • preliminary meeting to discuss the story and script
  • complete coverage of the day, with 2-3 camermen and HD cameras (max 10h)
  • video montage of 3o-45 minutes with music and voice-over
  • unedited version of all the footage filmed
  • DVD version DVD or  HD Quicktime

In spite of its name, in a “Trash-the-Dress” photo shoot, you don’t have to literally destroy your dress (and we can provide you with one, if you’d rather not use yours).  Usually, we simply focus on the fun you can have with your husband (or alone!), wearing the dress in unconventional places, where, because of lack of time or bad weather, we couldn’t go to the day of your wedding.

Ocean, beach, park, field of flowers, urban decay, we can go to whatever spot you fancy that may fit your style.


Trash-the-dress Shoot (750$ +tx)

  • 60 to 90-minute session
  • the spot of your choice
  • 50 retouched photos in high resolution with licence to print
  • one 11×14 matted enlargement of your favorite shot
  • wedding dress rental included, if you do not want to use yours
  • extra travelling fees may apply, depending on the chosen spot

Bridal Boudoir Photography – starting at 600$

For your future husband… a unique gift, personal and unforgettable that will knock his socks off! This new trend involves you wearing… not much, or naughty lingerie, as a preview of what’s to come…!

Naughty, romantic, sensual, boudoir or glamour photos, whatever the style you fancy, this intimate photo session is sure to please him. This session usually takes place 6-8 weeks before your wedding, and often shows implicit nude portraits, inspired by classic pinups. You can also bring your veil, tiara or any wedding accessories that may make him remember this special day. A perfect gift to give him on you wedding day or honeymoon…

Please visit Sylviane Silicani Photography, our ladies-only division, for detailed packages

Two options are offered for your engagement shoot: the Studio Package or the Biography Package.

The Studio Engagement package includes a traditional studio session, while the Biography Engagement Package focuses on your couple and personality: we usually follow you in an activity that is typical of you as a couple, or in a spot of special significance. Horseback riding, hiking, cooking classes, restaurant of your first date, Old Port walk, whatever your special spot, we will follow there to capture this special place.


The Studio Engagement Package (650$ +tx)

  • 30 to 45-minute studio session
  • makeup and hir styling for miss
  • unlimited number of photos and poses
  • 3 styles / clothes changes (casual, chic, fashion, etc.)
  • 6 retouched photos on USB key and printed on 5×7 mats
  • one 11×14 enlargement on your favorite shot

The Biography Engagement Package (900$ +tx)

  • 45 to 60-minute session
  • location of your choice
  • unlimited number of photos and poses
  • 6 retouched photos on USB key and printed on 5×7 mats
  • one 11×14 enlargement on your favorite shot

This package works as much for a bachelorette party as for a girls’ night out, or special anniversary.

For groups of 4 or more girls, who want to spend time and have fun together, dress up and take awesome thematic photos together.  One theme, one style, lots of fun !


Bachelorette Shoot (150$ +tx/ per girl)

  • 30 to 60-minute studio shoot (depending on how many people);
  • basic makeup, according to the theme;
  • choice of one theme and style (pinup, 1920s, Moulin Rouge, etc.);
  • photos as a group and individual;
  • one retouched photo (matted 5×7 and digital version on USB key PER girl
  • possibility to add more photos and products