The Studio Division

Glamour, Sexy & Naughty Photography

The Glamour style focuses on the beauty and elegance of women.  Let us pamper you with chic hair & makeup, make you feel extra glamorous and bring out your most elegant outfits, or come play in our closet to find dresses you’ll enjoy wearing.

If you prefer the Victoria’s Secret style with its mix of Glamour and sexy charm, try a Naughty shoot.  A little bit more provocative, a little bit more revealing. doesn’t leave too much to the imagination and definitely entices to see more…. 

With a combination of cosmetics, digital touchups and lighting techniques, this photo shoot will reveal your beauty in a way you probably never imagined and our team will be sure to help you feel comfortable and guide you throughout the shot as to make you shine.

Artistic Nude Photography

The artistic nude photo shoot focuses on the lines and curves of the body, portraying sensual shapes and images with artistic setups of light and shadows… You are usually naked, but your face is often hidden, and the images have a very abstract look, often hard to determine exactly.

If you are rather shy, but would still like to do artistic, sensual images, alone or as as couple, this shoot is for you.

Boudoir / Bridal Photography

The boudoir style is very romantic and sensual. “Suggestion” is the whole idea. The look is often shy, innocent, poses are very candid, almost as if the subject did not know she was being photographed (“ Ooops! “)  

As well, a new trend gaining in popularity is the Bridal Boudoir photo shoot.

A unique, personal & unforgettable gift for your groom that will knock his socks off. This photo shoot usually takes place about 6 weeks before your wedding, and often involves “implied nudes”, inspired by the pinup classics. You can bring your veil, tiara and any wedding lingerie you may have to create unforgettable pictures for your husband-to-be, to give him the night before your wedding or the first night of your honeymoon…. a gift he will never forget!

Pinup & Burlesque Photography

The pinup and burlesque photo session tries to recreate the classic look of the years 1920 to 1960. The name “Burlesque” recalls the women who were at the Moulin Rouge in Paris in the twentieth century. It then became associated with burlesque striptease performances that were common there. Photography burlesque today is just another type of photography “boudoir” where lingerie has a more vintage look, rather than the modern style we see today : it is often very colourful, with feathers, boas and corsets, bringing a rather classic look.

As well, the “Pin-Ups” of those years were considered sexy, slightly taboo, and it is this style we are trying to recreate. Perfect for naughty women who want a sexy look without too much skin revealed and for Betty Boop’s fans.

Fishnets, corsets, boas, leopard skins, girdles, polka-dots bikinis and a retro makeup & hairstyle are usually combined to recreate the authentic look characteristic of those years, when so many men where fantasizing about a certain Marilyn.

Maternity Shoot

The maternity photo shoot will allow you to immortalize this unique moment in a woman’s life. You can do photos alone and as a couple, in an artistic or more casual style, and if you have other children, they can also participate to this important moment.  

Hair & makeup is included to make sure you shine, and make sure you bring a variety of outfits to have lots of choices. 

The Wedding Division

Wedding Photo| Video & Trash-the-dress shoots

Artistic, candid, romantic or non conventional, whatever your style, whatever your personality, your wedding photos will reflect who you really are while capturing all the magic of the day.
By using a mixture of photojournalism, fashion style and artistic portraits, we will immortalize the emotions, spontaneity and details of this special day in an unobtrusive way that will allow you to enjoy the moment.

We also offer Trash-the-dress shoots, destination weddings, engagement photos, bridal boudoir and bachelorette shoots, as well as wedding cinematography and video services.

The Corporate Division

Fashion, Editorial & Casting

If you are a designer, in the fashion industry, or a model who needs to update his/her book, we offer a variety of services for your advertisement needs :

On location photo shoot, outside or at the studio;
Fashion Editorial, local and international

Professional models available on request;
Team of makeup artists, stylists & hair stylists;
Marketing specialist to help you promote your product;
Casting and portfolio shoots for models (to-be and professionals);
Z-cards and portfolio photos, etc.

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