Love Stories

M. & B., Montreal 
Rosalie & David, Montreal
Isa & John, Rosemère 
Pat & Eric, Lachine
D. & L, Montreal
Hélène & Frank, L’Estérel
JS & Emilie, Montreal
C. & C., Montreal
Luiza & John, Ste-Adèle
M. & B., Joliette
L. & W., Ottawa
S. & J., Ile Notre-Dame


A Trash-the-Dress shoot does not require you to actually destroy your dress… It’s about having fun in your dress, showing it off, and shooting in places where, because of lack of time or bad weather, you couldn’t shoot the day of your wedding.

This kind of shoot usually takes place after your wedding, and lets you wear your beautiful dress one more time, or borrow one of ours, if you’d rather not use yours.

Packages start at 450$ for a 90-minute shoot.  Explore our portfolio to get inspired, or contact us to get more details.


Punta Cana

Parc des Érables

Destination Weddings

Have you ever dreamed of getting married under a palm tree, with your toes in the sand? It’s a wonderful idea and we can come with you to make sure you get the memories that will last a lifetime.  Here are some ideas to make you dream…

Dominican Republic | 2010
Riviera Maya | 2016
Punta Cana | 2014
Jamaica | 2012

Engagement sessions

Engagement sessions are a great way to celebrate your love, whether you are actually getting married soon or not.  Choose your favorite spot, the place for your first date, or any other secret place where you enjoy spending time and let us capture the love and fun you have together.

Packages start at 350$ and we can either shoot in the studio or outdoors, on location.  Contact us for details.

Fanny & Xavier
Chris & Joe
Sue & David
Shanne & Ben
Shawna & Sacha
M. + D.

Cultural Weddings

Whether you are Italian, Indian, Japanese or Thai, want to mix traditional with modern ceremonies, follow old traditions or create new ones of your own, change dresses 7 times during the day, or walk around the block with a roasted pig as a gift to your new in-laws, we would love to shoot your wedding, no matter how different it can be.

We have shot dozens of weddings from different cultures, and we always love to discover new customs, experience new ways of life other and it will be our pleasure to capture the uniqueness of your special day.

Jewish Ceremony
Chinese Ceremony
Asian Ceremony
Greek Ceremony

Bridal Boudoir

Bridal Boudoir shoots usually take place just before your wedding, and are an amazing gift for your husband-to-be.  Often, you will wear sexy lingerie with your veil or some wedding accessories, but styles can vary, from naughty to innocent, according to your (and your husband’s!) tastes.

And don’t worry, you do not have to be a supermodel to do one of those shoots: our team of makeup artists and hairdressers will make sure you look stunning, and our photographers (man or woman, depending on your taste) will guide you throughout the whole experience.

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